Did you know the Fair Work Commission now has the power to make “stop sexual harassment” orders to prevent sexual harassment from continuing in the workplace in a similar power to “make stop bullying” orders? A worker who has been sexually harassed in the workplace can now apply to the Fair Work Commission for orders to stop the sexual harassment from continuing. The Commission has the power to make a “stop sexual harassment” order if the Commission is satisfied that:
  • the worker has been sexually harassed at work; and
  • there is a risk that the sexual harassment will continue at work.
Unlike workplace bullying orders, which will only be made where the bullying conduct is repeated, the “stop sexual harassment” orders can be made in circumstances where the sexual harassment has occurred as a one-off incident. Is there anything we need to do? The commencement of the Fair Work Commission’s new anti-sexual harassment powers is a timely reminder to employers that action should always be taken in a pro-active manner to prevent sexual harassment in the workplace. Business360 recommends employers take the following steps:
  • create a policy on sexual harassment and/or review and update an existing one
  • establish a complaints and/or review grievance and complaints systems and procedures
  • provide training in relation to sexual harassment for all employees and keep a record of training attendance and completion
  • ensure all employees understand their obligations in relation to preventing and responding to sexual harassment in the workplace.
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