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Workplace Relations Consultants

Expertise Driven by Integrity and Excellence

Our team of dedicated HR and WHS specialists brings decades of expertise to your doorstep. We’re committed to delivering ethical, reliable, and high-quality consultancy that not only meets but elevates the standards of workplace safety and human resources management.

Understanding of the nuances of workplace laws, Business 360 provides strategic insights that foster safe, fair, and compliant work environments. Our expertise translates into tangible benefits for your business, enabling you to focus on growth while we handle the complexities of HR and safety compliance.


We help you to

Reduce Your Risk

Rely on our experts to shield you from employment related pitfalls & risks.

Focus on Business

Eliminate HR distractions and focus on what matters most – Your Business

Increase Profitability

Reduce your costs by leveraging the efficiencies of engaged & aligned employees

Achieve Your Goals

Get your workplace house in order, feel in control and enjoy a better Business / Home life

About Business 360

Welcome to Business 360 – your trusted workplace relations consultants. We specialise in helping employers achieve clarity and confidence in their employment and safety management practices.

Our team of experts is dedicated to consulting, educating, and sharing best practices to support businesses in minimising risk exposure while enhancing engagement, workplace efficiencies, and profitability. Understanding the complexities of running a business, our purpose is to guide and engage with you and your people.

We align management ethos with systems, practices, and staff conduct, ensuring compliance with complex regulations. Taking the time to comprehend your business, needs, and processes, we identify exposure points and provide affordable support that delivers on business outcomes.

Our ultimate goal is to assist you in creating a better business where an engaged workplace aligns with its purpose. Whether you’re a small or large enterprise, we are here to provide you with the foundation needed to run a fair and safe workplace for all.

Let us help you achieve confidence in your workplace through clarity and direction.

More About Our Mission and Values

At Business 360, we firmly believe in honesty, trust, respect, integrity, and fair play. These core values set us apart from our competitors and guide our business practices, serving as a testament to our identity. 

Our values are not just words on a page but the driving force behind our daily operations. They are the guiding principles that shape our business practices and influence individual and team behaviour. 

In our workplace, values are not abstract concepts but are lived through our shared expectations and the behaviours we endorse. This strengthens our identity and is crucial to our long-term performance, enabling us to build strong relationships based on mutual trust and respect with our clients. 

We welcome you to explore how our value-driven approach can help you achieve your business objectives. Please get in touch with us today to learn more about our commitment to excellence and partnership.

“It’s not about what someone can do for you; it’s who and what the two of you become in each other’s presence.” Ed Soehnel