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BUSINESS 360 COACH – Leadership and Management Training Workshops

Developing people manager skills and workforce capability

Investing in staff training is a simple truth that can lead to a multitude of benefits for any business, such as improved retention rates, increased engagement, and higher productivity levels.

At Business 360, we understand the importance of developing people manager skills and workforce capability to achieve desired outcomes.

Our Leadership and Management Training Workshops are designed to help you effectively manage workplace compliance and people to avoid poor team performance pitfalls. When your business is aligned and operating at its best, you’ll see a more stable, agile, and enjoyable workplace. On the other hand, failing to align your team members and understand their personal interests can result in disengagement, low productivity, and high turnover rates.

Learning Pathways

Governance & Compliance Pathway

  • Vision, Mission and Values
  • Power of Policies in Practice
  • WHS Risk Management Responsibilities
  • Creating desired Workplace Culture

Effective People Management Pathway

  • Recruitment, Onboarding & Induction
  • Managing Poor Performance
  • Manage Conduct & Discipline
  • Introduction to Conflict Resolution
  • Bullying & Harassment Review Process
  • Engagement, Recognition & Retention
  • Assessing Performance with Skill & Will

Manager Capability Skills Pathway

  • Communication in the Flexible Workplace 
  • Leading from the Front – Leadership Mindsets
  • Skill with People – Personal Responsibility Culture

Mates to manager:

By taking control of your management practices and investing in learning solutions, you can improve employee engagement, performance, and workplace culture.

Our Mates to Manager approach is tailored to help people in leadership roles move up the ladder while managing the necessary changes in personal relationships with other team members.

In today’s competitive marketplace, innovative businesses recognise the value of keeping and equipping their key staff.

Retaining employees is always more than just money. Three key components can help retain valuable employees:

    Firstly, ensuring team members feel valued, recognised and rewarded.

    Secondly, providing transparency so that people feel part of something bigger and understand the importance of their role.

    Thirdly, offering people a career plan and/or a learning pathway.

    Engaging your team to identify and support their skilling needs through Business 360 Coach can help connect, retain, and encourage transparency in your business.

    Our workshops can be tailored in content and length to meet your specific needs and delivered as a program series.

    To get a complete overview of the available workshops and take the first step towards creating a skilled and engaged workforce that adds value to your business, download our workshop guide.

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