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Solve HR worries before they harm your business

  • Create an accountability culture with up-to-date HR systems.

  • Protect your business from people who ‘aren’t on the bus.’

  • Attract, engage and retain the right people.


Providing employers certainty in their employment and safety practices

HR Services | Business 360

HR Services

Tailored Outsourced Human Resources Solutions and Support for Employers

HR Services | Business 360

WHS Services

Tailored Work Health & Safety Support for your Business to be Compliant with SafeWork regulators

Business 360 Coach

Management Workshops and Learning Pathways. Practical Skills for Key Personnel

Business Network meetings

Business 360 Connect

A monthly Business Owners’ Social to meet other successful business people

Business 360 is a workplace relations consultancy providing support to busy managers

We assist you with workplace policies and procedures, resolving employee-related issues and enhancing team performance.

Our approach involves implementing government compliance requirements to assist your business. By taking control of your management practices, we help you to improve employee engagement, performance, and overall workplace culture. We work with you to update and personalise your management systems and educate your staff to help them understand the value of the changes.

Our services go beyond remote advice lines and template documents, providing practical assistance to achieve measurable results.

The truth of being a business manager

As a business manager, it’s crucial to keep your workplace systems up to date. But with limited time and expertise, it can be challenging to tackle this responsibility alone. That’s where Business 360 can help. We take the burden off your shoulders and simplify the complexity of managing your workforce, ensuring you meet current practice standards.

To remain competitive, your operational practices must be structured, communicated, and well-implemented in today’s business landscape. If there is misalignment; you’ll see employee disengagement, low productivity, or even more severe legal and governance ramifications.

When you get your management practices right, your business is more profitable, agile, and enjoyable to run. Our Business 360 Performance and Productivity model addresses the key pillars of building a robust and cohesive business where staff are engaged and aligned with the business objectives.

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