In our last newsletter, we looked at some tips to establish the foundations required for high levels of performance where employees work involves working remotely or in a hybrid work model. This week we discuss the topic of virtual performance review. When properly approached and successfully conducted virtual performance reviews can enhance productivity, promote the development and enhancement of skills and improve employee morale and engagement. It’s also a great opportunity to strengthen your organisation’s culture and reinforce its values. Follow our key tips for an effective and positive review meeting:
  1. Preparation is key:
  • Where your expectations haven’t quite been met, consider how the pandemic may have impacted the achievement of KPI’s and adjust your appraisal ratings and feedback to accommodate. For example, high sales targets usually achieved by your employee may be well below expectations due to COVID lockdowns and border closures.
  • Consider obtaining feedback from other managers and team members to obtain input to gain a holistic view of your employee’s performance. Seek feedback on communication, customer service, teamwork and other areas relevant to assess overall performance and productivity.
  1. Setting up for a successful online performance review meeting:
  • Create an environment free from distraction and background noise
  • Set aside sufficient time to enable a meaningful conversation to take place
  • Ensure both you and your employee have everything needed in place such as the current goals to be reviewed, KPI measurements, etc.
  • Prior to the start time check your equipment is working properly.
  1. Clarifying expectations:
  • Confirm with your employee that although virtual, the performance appraisal meeting will cover the same topics as a face-to-face meeting such as reflecting on previous and current performance, identifying strengths, areas for development and goal setting for the coming period.
  • Set the right tone at the outset and let your employee know that you acknowledge it has been a challenging time. This will go a long way to putting your employee at ease and demonstrating you value your employee.
  • Where goals and KPI’s have been impacted due to the circumstances focus the conversation on how these barriers and challenges might be overcome in the next review period. Ask your employee about the challenges they have faced and seek to work together to find a way to overcome them moving forward.
  1. Look to the future:
  • Set realistic goals to give your employees confidence that they can succeed.
  • Consider more frequent check-ins to provide opportunities to revise goals and make tweaks and adjustments based on current circumstances and shifts and changes to business goals.
  • Make sure to discuss and plan for career progression and professional development opportunities so your employee knows that despite these challenging times a bright and positive future is ahead.
Stay tuned for part 3 of our series on virtual performance management with guidance and tips for conducting an online disciplinary meeting