Envision provides a solution-based end-to-end project management platform for large-scale Civil Infrastructure, Industrial, Energy and Resources, and Construction projects globally. The organisation provides not only the software as a service but the training, success delivery, on-site troubleshooting and support to ensure their clients utilise their platform to its maximum capacity without downtime. Their continued support throughout a project’s life cycle has positioned Envision as not only an industry leader but an essential and highly valued partner to their clients. Since formation, almost ten years ago, Envision has supported over 270 projects in Australia and Asia, helping to deliver over $20bn of essential infrastructure that has directly supported economic growth and commercial development. With the growth of Envision, both domestically and internationally at a rate of 70% in 2018 and projected 100% in 2019, they wanted to review their current operational needs to ensure that they had the foundations in place from which to achieve successful outcomes.

The Issue

With an ever-changing business environment, allied to ambitious growth strategies, it was imperative Envision was prepared not solely for today but set up to meet the future requirements of the organisation and its people. Envision’s workforce is diverse, comprising highly skilled and qualified professionals who are directly responsible for the development, management and implementation of their services for clients across the globe. Therefore a complete understanding of regulatory environments, legislation, behaviours and performance are essential to achieve success. As a technology company, any slowing in productivity or shift in the environment due to an increase in red tape would be restrictive to innovation and employee satisfaction. Such considerations were not optional as Envision are acutely aware that providing the right environment to effectively utilise the skills of their team is essential to future success.

The Work

Envision’s CEO, Hugh Hofmeister, looked to Business 360 for their experience in supporting rapidly growing organisations. With a solution-based offering, their expert team provided the knowledge to deliver customised solutions that meet the needs of Envision today and the flexibility to help ensure success long into the future. Business 360 provided a full-scale review and development of HR and WHS manuals, documentation, onsite collaboration and training.  All levels of the organisation were involved with the development and implementation with the project to ensure not only the transparency of the intention of the work being done but also assurance there would be no impact on the culture everyone was invested in.

The Impact

At Envision, we are committed to our people and having the right processes and measures in place to support our team is a non-negotiable company value. We are confident that as a result of our work with Business 360 we are living up to and surpassing the promises we make to every employee. There is no time like now to act and take proactive steps to get on top of building better HR, IR and WHS practices into your company’s foundations. Working with Business 360 was a valuable foundational investment in our future, and it has had a positive impact on our staff who have seen the undertaking as an elevation in our professionalism; setting a new benchmark in our company’s growth. Hugh Hofmeister, CEO LinkedIn /in/hughhofmeister/ Envision 9 Gardner Close, Milton QLD 4064 www.envisionapp.com