It’s National Safe Work Month!

October is National Safe Work Month. Safe Work Australia’s themes this year include:

Week 1: Injuries at work

Week 2: Mental health

Week 3: Managing WHS risks and preventing harm

Week 4: Safe and healthy work for all

In 2019/2020 $23.73 million worth of fines were issued by WHS regulators, 234, 917 workplace interventions were undertaken and 283 legal proceedings were finalised. A whopping $9.884 billion dollars was spent in workers compensation. Some very compelling reasons to participate in National Safe Work Month and elevate WHS in your place to the top of the priority list.

A Work Health and Safety Management System is fundamental to complying with WHS legislation. But what is it exactly? A Work Health and Safety Management system is a set of policies, procedures, plans (including for training, consultation, monitoring and supervision) and the reporting mechanisms that systematically manage health and safety at work. A robust WHS system will assist you to minimise the risk of injury to your workers and demonstrate your business’s compliance with WHS legislation. It’s about meeting your primary obligations as a Person Conducting a Business or Undertaking (PCBU) and upholding your duty of care to your most valuable assets – your people.

If your business needs help to get started on building its WHS Management System or if you would like a fresh set of eyes to review your current one, contact the experts at Business 360. If you would like a copy of our fact sheets on WHS call us on 1300 287 360 or email  If you would prefer a confidential discussion with one of our directors, click here to book a time to discuss your needs.

For more information on what’s on during National Safe Work Month visit Safe Work Australia at

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