It’s only a matter of time … the Jobs and Skills Summit changes that will impact your business

The Jobs and Skills Summit was held by the new Labor Government on 1st and 2nd September 2022.  Aimed at addressing a myriad of issues being faced by the Australian economy and workforce and bringing about reform, the Federal Government has announced actions that will ultimately result in changes to employment law.  A number of the changes you should be aware of and that will likely impact every business in Australia include:

  • legislating same job, same pay;
  • limiting the use of fix term contracts;
  • prohibiting pay secrecy clauses and giving employees a right to disclose their remuneration;
  • ensuring workers have reasonable access to representation to address genuine safety and compliance issues at work;
  • establishing a right to superannuation in the National Employment Standards
  • criminalising wage theft;
  • improving access to flexible working arrangements and unpaid parental leave so families can share work and caring responsibilities
  • updating the National Employment Standards to provide for 10 days of paid family and domestic violence leave.

It’s anticipated many of the changes will be made in the spring sitting of Federal Parliament, and the Federal Government has declared it will act swiftly.

What can I do to prepare?

Until the changes have been clarified, it is important you remain compliant with the current industrial and employment legislation. Business 360 will continue to provide updates as further information comes to hand.

Now is a great time to make sure your “house is in order” to smoothly transition into what is to come.  Business360 has a range of informative fact sheets to assist you with achieving compliance, including Contracts and Policies, Annualised Salaries, Employee Break Entitlements, Employee Leave Entitlements and Modern Awards, to name a few.  Contact us for a copy on 1300 287 360 or email  If you prefer a confidential discussion with one of our directors, click or scan below to book a time to discuss your needs.