From 6 June 2023, further changes from the Secure Jobs Better Pay legislation come into place. These include significant changes to flexible work arrangements.  The following amendments will be in place:

More employees will be eligible to request flexible work arrangements

The eligibility of employees to make requests for flexible arrangements will expand to include employees who:

  • are experiencing family or domestic violence or provide care or support to a member of their household or immediate family who requires care and support because of family or domestic violence
  • are pregnant

Employers must respond to requests

Employers will be required to consider each request promptly and thoroughly for a flexible work arrangement. This means discussing the request with the employee and genuinely trying to reach an agreement. Employers must also understand the consequences for the employee if the request is refused. The employer must provide a decision in writing within 21 days of the employee’s request.

Right to Appeal

Previously employees had no right to appeal an employer’s decision. From 6 June 2023, the Fair Work Commission can deal with disputes where a solution cannot be reached at a workplace level up to and including penalties for non-compliance with an order.

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