Employers can access free initial confidential advice from Business 360 Workplace Consultants for general HR and WHS matters, such as:

  • awards and entitlements
  • managing employee performance
  • termination of employment
  • workplace policies and contracts
  • interpersonal conflict and grievances such as bullying
  • workplace safety and well-being
  • psychosocial codes of practice

Beyond general advice, Business 360 offers fee-for-service engagements to help address your specific workplace issue.

Business 360 – Your Workplace Practices Partner

Embark on a Path to a Smoother and More Successful Workplace with Business 360.

For a fixed fee, we provide ongoing comprehensive HR and WHS support, easing the burden for busy managers like you. As a business owner or manager, the challenges of navigating employee management, maintaining competitiveness, and staying compliant with ever-changing regulations can be overwhelming.

Our goal is to simplify your workload by handling certain employment-related tasks, establishing workplace practices, and documenting procedures to safeguard and support your business.

Speak to our team today to explore how we can assist you in creating a more successful and harmonious workplace.

Smart Employer Helpline 1300 287 360 – Call for free initial advice.

Our HR guidance is based on current employment laws and practices and is limited by the information discussed. Although we aim for accuracy, it’s crucial to acknowledge that our advice may not perfectly align with your unique situation, given that it’s not a comprehensive review of your circumstances or business practices. Additionally, employment laws can change, and our advice is not a substitute for professional legal advice. Users agree to these terms when utilising this service, and Business 360 assumes no liability for actions taken based on our information. For comprehensive assistance tailored to your unique circumstances, consider exploring our full range of services or consulting with an independent legal professional.