Stay Informed with our HR Insight Webinars

Join our free Workforce Management events program, where we delve into fundamental topics based on the Fair Work Act and Workplace Safety. 

Held regularly online, our workshops provide employers with insights into the basics of employment relations and effective workforce risk management. Join us to enhance your understanding and skills in navigating the intricacies of workforce management.

HR Compliance

Regular workplace webinar topics:

  • awards, wages and entitlements
  • best practice requirements of HR contracts and policies
  • performance managing difficult people in the workplace
  • bullying, harassment and anti-discrimination
  • creating a safe workplace with workplace health and safety (WHS) regulations
  • understanding business and management PCBU duties
  • meeting psychosocial requirements of business
  • and much more

Our workshops are specifically tailored to suit business owners and senior managers and run for approximately one hour.

At Business 360, we offer tailored advice, documents, support and tools for you to achieve workplace effectiveness.

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